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Our Winery

The wine list Enoteca Perbacco has evolved absolutely reverse, passing in the years from 1000 to the current 400 types, plus 150 between spirits and liqueur. Manage many wines was madness but also pleasant satisfaction. The beginnings were years of great curiosity, tastings and discovery of what is the extraordinary world of wine.

Great opportunity in the nineties was the work of selection of wines that took place at Perbacco for the Guide to the Wines of Italy's historic publishing partnership between Slow Food and Gambero Rosso. A constant research work on the wines and producers of Campania, Basilicata and Calabria but always with great attention to what was happening in other regions. They were extraordinary years evolving qualitative and numerical. Except for a few large wineries and historical reality, the delay of the south than in regions more aware it was great, we were witnesses to a great renaissance. The quality of the wine of the South is now a reality and is well recognized in the world its great history and its magnificent biodiversity varietal.

The wine list of Perbacco, always full of great wines from Bolgheri in Collio, from the Langhe to Franciacorta, in 2004 is a big change of the skin. Without making it an ideology you choose the focus on small wineries, small vineyards that offer great wines from native grapes, often rare or semi strangers who remains our challenge to the approval of new small taste imposed by markets, new pleasure for lovers of the wine world intimately linked to its territory, an invitation to taste one that offers the rich wine heritage of the South and the rest of Italy.