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Our Dishes, recipes for happiness

During the summer, the gastronomic proposal is rich, varied according to the seasons opening in spring and autumn. He has always starts with the Principles, a habit Artusi, a license with which we like to call the dishes opening, the so-called starters which alone can represent the satisfaction of a lunch. They can be only by the extraordinary range of plants and opulent flavors of a classic eggplant parmigiana those delicate flower of a pumpkin from our garden, filled with soft buffalo ricotta and savory anchovies menaica, or raw fish marinated blue and red shrimp au gratin on the leaves of lemon, fish rolls with herbs and smoked flag, just to name a few.

The pastas very classic combines traditional Cilento Gragnano fresh and dry. How to: Fusilli with underwire with a ragu of fresh meat and ricotta cheese goat cheese, ricotta cheese ravioli with filet of San Marzano tomatoes and basil, vermicelli dish Marina Country born here that bears the name of the district, made ​​with fresh anchovies, chillies greens, fennel and cherry tomatoes, then Paccheri pasta with prawns or with the tasty 'nduja of Spilsby and vermicelli with seafood ammollicati.

The kitchen also offers: Stuffed squid, anchovies in the pan, big fish such as sea bass, Pezzogne​​, bream and snapper with potatoes or salt. But the historical value of Perbacco is a grid fed with olive embers where fish, lobsters and prawns, red prized ones in the area, located exaltation. The fish is strictly local as meat from pigs blacks and beef steaks podolico we matured, all from farms in the district.

The desserts are all made by us, the preparation of the historical caprese cake with dark chocolate and mint, from an original recipe, or the ricotta cake with orange pastry garnished with candied peel and caramelized. Interesting selection of cheese, semi-mature and fresh at Perbacco have always been one of the cornerstones of research and attention to the area and an element of the absolute value of the gastronomic proposal. Completing the menu very special ice cream, are all filled with fruit made ​​for us by craftsmen in a historic ice cream in the province of Salerno.

Last but not least the selection of bread, the real one! Selected by traditional wood-burning stoves and ovens strictly fagots that still exist and resist thanks to the heroic few bakers, amazing what Wheat Carosella, saved by the manipulations productivistic.