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Cooking philosophy

The cuisine of Perbacco was born in the late eighties to accompany the proposals vinous of the vast repertoire of national labels that characterized the efforts of the early years of the Enoteca, a proceeding in reverse, from the wine to the kitchen. From the initial proposals of vast choices of raw milk cheeses, charcuterie selected and a simple kitchen mostly grilled with grilled olive, it moved quickly to create a small menu that has gone up over time enriching the present day with meals of our design and proven choice, with the creative participation of family members and passionate, wise housewives, friends, and gourmet chef.

The culinary philosophy of Perbacco is probably atypical, but strongly linked to the territory, from which it gets much of its extraordinary raw materials, many also self-produced, always drawing inspiration from the traditional recipes of Cilento. It 's always been for us conviction, consider tradition as a cage completely open, the more rich as expertly contaminated. Respect the local cuisine and its interpreters was such as to leave to those who had already depositary is responsible for representing it. There just seemed to emulate the tradition but rather sought to go to this, we were young, we studied a lot and went forward.

When we opened the doors of the Osteria, was all the rage the Nouvelle Cuisine, while they were still anonymous trattorias and wine was virtually absent from the proposals. Between fundamentalism and conservative feathers with salmon, so we chose a new route that combined the respect and the use of local varieties of plants and animals, the attention and appreciation of the commitment of the architects craft agri-food production, simplicity in the preparation of dishes and cooking, the final search for the right exaltation of the extraordinary quality of raw materials.